Day 96

Tonight we attended our village Christmas lights ‘switch on’. Big holidays are always a good way to reflect on time passing. At the Christmas lights switch on last year, I was sixteen weeks pregnant and about to start a six night run of my first community pantomime – all singing and all dancing. Our son was sat, quietly, in a pram – very unusual for him – we didn’t know at the time that this out of character stillness would later reveal itself to be a precursor to chicken pox.

This year he was racing around the green with a hoard of preschool children all hyped up, awaiting Santa’s arrival. Our daughter, now 6 months old, sat in her usual jolly way watching the scene unfold. This year I have tickets to watch the pantomime rather than perform in it and of course, my husband remains his usual steady and happy self. So there we were, a year later, much the same but a little bit different too.

Now almost 100 days have passed since I made exercise a daily part of my life. 4 days left to go and I am starting to wonder what the next 100 will hold. What could I start doing now and where might I be 100 days from now? It’s a fun way to measure time passing, taking a moment each day to reflect on life. I’ve never kept a diary before for longer than a week, but I imagine it might have the same impact. 100 days from now we will be coming into the spring and a new year will be underway.

With the New Year coming up, it’s easy to start saving up good intentions. Next year I won’t drink as much alcohol or eat as much rubbish. Next year I will exercise more, read more, worry less, recycle better. Year after year, resolutions tumble out of my mouth and roll with wild abandonment off into the meadows of never-gunna-happen.

January 1st is a nice time to start afresh and make changes but another day that’s a good day to start is today.

It’s right now.

I didn’t start my challenge to exercise for 100 days at the start of a year or the start of a month. I don’t even think I started on a Monday and I know I didn’t start first thing in the morning. There’s always a better time to start something, an easier time or a poignant moment to hold on for.


If you have that little voice in your head telling you to go for something, then just go do it. Don’t wait and don’t make excuses because that little voice in your head knows something that you don’t – it knows you’re ready. You’re ready to get started – you’re ready to get going and it’s not about tomorrow, it’s about today.

Author: cb100days

I don't exercise. I haven't really ever exercised. When I was in school I exaggerated asthma to get out of P.E. It changes today. 100 days to break a habit. 100 days to make a habit. 100 days of exercise.

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