Day 94

It is easy to be bombarded with life sometimes and forget the importance of self-care. We can become so worried about supporting and caring for others that our ability to be kind to ourselves is compromised. Today I have followed a self-care guide as follows:

Step 1: Begin the day by dancing in front of the bedroom mirror in your underwear. Wiggle and jiggle every bit of you that will comply. Shake that booty and roll those rolls. And whilst you’re doing it, praise your body for its amazing awesomeness – it is keeping you alive! It totally and utterly rocks so tell it that you love it and you don’t mind that it wobbles and squishes. Sing to it – tell it that you’re bringing sexy back. You are.

Step 2: Make a cup of tea for yourself. Don’t rush it – get it just right. Milky? Builders’? Herbal? Sugar? Sweetner? Black? We all know that the way we make tea is the right way even if everyone else makes it in a completely different way. So make yours how it should be made. A proper cup of tea. Then sit down, quietly, and don’t do anything else whilst you drink it. Don’t scroll social media, try and pack your bag, empty the washing machine, call someone, get some work done. Just sit down and drink the tea.

Step 3: Have a shower, have a bath, brush your hair, cut your nails, clean your teeth, massage your feet, put on a face mask, moisturise something – actual, literal, physical self-care. Do something nice for your body to show it that it is valued.

Step 4: Eat something that’s good for you and then eat something you like. If you can find a food which meets both of these criteria at the same time then you are winning at life, my friend. If you’re like me, then chop up some salad bits and get them in your belly. Feed your bones and make your brain bounce. Then have a bit of chocolate afterwards because that’s okay too.

Step 5: Make a to-do list. Whatever is in your head will be happier on paper. All those little things in your mind which are festering back there – get them out. Everything is calmer with a list. Make a list of things to do, things you’re worrying about, people you need to talk to, work you need to finish, books you want to read, meals you want to make, exercise you want to do – list it.

Step 6: Exercise. Do some.

It’s okay to prioritise yourself sometimes and it’s important to prioritise yourself at other times because the stronger we make ourselves feel, the stronger we are for helping others. Someone told me this week that kindness is about sharing your strength with others – so be kind to yourself, then go pass that kindness around, because the world can never have enough of that.

Author: cb100days

I don't exercise. I haven't really ever exercised. When I was in school I exaggerated asthma to get out of P.E. It changes today. 100 days to break a habit. 100 days to make a habit. 100 days of exercise.

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